My small web gallery.
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What this is

This is my small gallery web interface. I like to dump images onto my web server and people got tired of having to click through Apache’s standard directory listing.

So this allows you to go directly from image to image, it’s intended to have a usable mobile interface, and you can download tar archives without any need for temporary storage.

A word about the tar streaming

I’m sorry if this bores you, but I kind of like my TarStream class in gallery-tar.rb. You just pass a directory name to it, and a number of entries (only files for now), and then it can generate chunks of tar data at arbitrary offsets.

Sure, if you know tar, you know that’s easy. But it’s still nice to actually have.

(And with this feature, gallery-tar.rb allows ranged downloads, so you can resume your downloads at a later point.)


I don’t know about you, but I just put everything into my cgi-bin directory and that works.

Then you use it like this: (or you can get setup a redirect, so works, too).